My debut novel, What a Sista Should Do, was published in June 2005, by Walk Worthy Press. It follows the lives of three women: Pam, Taylor and Yvonne. The first is a devoted wife and mother dreading a future with a man who can't honor God. The second is a struggling single mother whos scandalous past now undermines her faith and confidence. The third is a minister's wife who has discovered that her "Mighty Man of God" is anything but. The major themes of this book are sisterhood, forgiveness and the power of prayer! Click here to read the first chapter.

Farther Than I Meant to Go, Longer Than I Meant to Stay was released in October of 2006. It is the story of single, saved and successful Charmayne Ellis. Sounds like she's got it going on, right? the rest of us Charmayne has a few...issues. She struggles daily with an addiction to food, an overbearing mother and sister and an overpowering sense of loneliness. When Travis Moon comes along, he sweeps her off her feet and promises to be the answer to all of her life's woes. But after a horrifying betrayal from the man she loves, Charmayne must turn to God to put the pieces of her life back together and figure out HIS purpose for her life. Click here to read the first chapter.

My brand new novel The Bishop's Daughter is about a young ladies man named Darrin Bainbridge.  In an attempt to jumpstart a lackluster writing career, Darrin relocates to Atlanta, GA to try and find a church scandal at Freedom of Life, a twenty-thousand member megachurch.  Darrin's target is Bishop Kumal Prentiss, who Darrin suspects of financial misconduct. He never expects to fall for the Bishop's daughter, Emoni.  When he finally does stumble upon the story of a lifetime, he's torn between launching his career and protecting the woman he's come to care about.  Click here to read the first chapter.