It All Starts With a Story Book Cover

If you’re the author of a novel, novella, short story, memoir or long poem and have ever thought this could make a good movie or television series, you are not alone. Weekly, I get inboxes, emails and direct messages from authors who want to know how I did it. They want to know the blueprint. Is there a repeatable methodology? Can they do it too?

At first I thought…well…it’s mostly serendipity right? But then, when I started to teach book-to-film bootcamps and helped authors package their work with the help of outlines, treatments, series bibles, pitch decks, and more, I realized that while there is always a little sprinkle of luck in the equation, there is more strategy than most successful authors of these projects care to admit. 

It All Starts With a Story is a little bit cautionary tale, but heavy on tools, tips and techniques on how to get past the Hollywood gatekeepers so you can land your book-to-film deal. It includes a sample query letter and sample treatment that got two of my projects greenlit, it’s chock full of insider secrets, links to resources and craft books to get you on your way, with a little bit of faith-based encouragement to help keep you through the midnight hour.

It’s time for every author to take their rightful place at the television and film table, because every great movie and series starts with a story. Become the hero of yours!

It All Starts With a Story E-Book $14.99 – Click HERE to purchase

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Includes a link to Google Drive with Sample Beat Sheets, Query Letters, Pitch Decks, Series Bibles and Presentations from previous bootcamps

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