Don’t Tell a Soul


One hundred eighty-seven breaths in ten minutes. Eva couldn’t stop herself from counting them. She’d been taking note of each inhale and every exhale since the phone call last week from her manager, Leo.

He’d only said one sentence. “You need to get tested babe.”


In the Midst of it All


“Zee, are you going to get that?”

Zenovia blinked a few times, glanced at the clock and shook her head. “Three a.m. It’s not good news.”

She closed her eyes and buried her head under the covers; tried to escape the ringing telephone. Her husband reached over her and took matters into his own hands. Zenovia was grateful that he was home. This kind of news didn’t need to be left on an answering machine.


The Bishop’s Daughter

Chapter One


I’m snatched from my sleep by voices.

They’re coming from the living room. The first voice is Shayna, my lover, although she likes to be called my girlfriend. She is not my girlfriend. Haven’t had one of those since high school.

The other voice is coming from the television. It’s way too loud, but not unfamiliar. I concentrate for a moment until familiarity becomes recognition. The voice belongs to that preacher Shayna likes to watch every Sunday morning.


Farther than I Meant to Go, Longer than I Meant to Stay

Farther Than I Meant to Go, Longer Than I Meant to Stay – Chapter One


I gazed blankly at the television screen.

After losing my career to Travis’ criminal activities, I had no idea what to do with myself all day. I had no desire to start searching for another job; the whole idea was depressing. I chose, instead, to stay home and watch television ministers all day long. And between television church broadcasts, I cooked.


What a Sista Should Do

Chapter One

It’s a shame that I don’t even want to go into my own home. I really don’t, but I can’t sit in the car all night, because I know that my children are probably starving. And, I know my home is no doubt in shambles. Plus, on top of everything else, I have to use the bathroom. Most of the time, before I enter my home, I just sit in my driveway like this, for a good half hour, listening to Lauryn, Jill, Erykah or Angie. It’s the only quiet time I get all day.